NAV BOARD, Compass, GPS-Mount, Stylus Holder, Heater

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A ruggedized polymer articulated mounting platform for integrating a Juggernaut.Case™ with a red-LED backlit dive compass and a GPS mount.
This modular platform attaches to the warfighter’s kit easily and provides a low-profiile, hinged platform for use when under canopy
and out-of-the-way for aircraft-exit and landing maneuvers. Maintain full situational-awareness and visibility of the landing zone
for your next MFF HAHO Insertion.
Kit includes the following components:
Articulating Navigation Board with Integrated Case-Heater, CR123 Battery-Module/Cable, Oil-Filled Oceanic Compass, Garmin GPS
Mount, Stylus Holder with tether, and Retention PALS Clips.

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