Will the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 work in the NOTE 4 case?

No, each Juggernaut Case is designed specifically for the device

Can you ship outside the United States?

Yes, Juggernaut ships worldwide (except to government restricted countries). All international shipments require a valid phone number.

How do I place my mount on the PALS / MOLLE system?

Please refer to the Armor.Mount instructions on the INSTRUCTIONS page

What’s the difference between HOST vs SELECT? How do I determine if I need a HOST or SELECT configuration?

Please refer to the HOST vs. SELECT PDF on the DOWNLOADS page

Where can I find cable and radio configurations that will work with my case?

Please refer to the Connectivity Guide PDF on the DOWNLOADS page

How much does my Juggernaut Case weigh?

Refer to the product page for weights and dimensions

Can you ship to an APO/FPO address?

Yes, APO/FPO addresses are shipped via United States Postal Service

Is your case Berry Compliant?

Juggernaut Cases and Accessories are Berry Compliant (when applicable)

Why doesn't my Juggernaut HOST cabled configuration charge my device while in the case?

Host-Configuration Case cannot be reconfigured to a Select-Configuration since the ID-Line is tied to Ground within the case connector assembly. A Select-Configuration Case brings all five USB lines out to the Glenair connector which then can be forced into Host-Mode with the Host-Adapter. If the EUD (smartdevice) is not rooted to accept a charge in Host-Mode, it will not charge when connected to a power source.

What if the screen protector gets cracked or broken?

Contact us for an RMA number HERE

Can I order a case without a mount?

Yes, as of February 2017, all Juggernaut Cases are configurable with your choice of mount or no mount

Why doesn't the SLEEV have a screen protector?

Newer cell phones are configured and meet IP-67/68 standards - this provides an ability to eliminate a protective component (glass) that was required to meet the IP-67 rating

Can I use a Quick Disconnect Cable on a BUMPR?

Cable options are available for the BUMPR, but not in the quick disconnect design. The BUMPR is a snap/screw together design, and needs to be opened when installing or removing a cable

I don't see a Juggernaut Case available for my device. Can I request one?

Juggernaut.Case development is primarily driven by contract requirements based on devices that are being fielded on a large scale. Development is not done for one-off purchases (MOQ 500 units for new development).

How do I know if I need a 5-series mount or a 6-series mount?

5-series mounts are compatible with the Galaxy S cases, and the iPhone 7 BUMPR. 6-series mounts are compatible with the Samsung Note cases. We also have 8-series mounts for 8" tablet cases

Can I get RAM Mount hardware with my vehicle mounts?

Yes. Juggernaut is an authorized RAM Mount dealer and can provide a quote