Mount, Ejection-Seat EKB Solution

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The Ejection Kneeboard Kit (EKB) is designed to be a robust, two-strap kneeboard mount that can withstand the 650kt blast during ejection from a fixed wing aircraft. It also has a secondary 1" strap to keep the EKB from sliding down the pilot's leg during normal egress from the cockpit. The aerodynamic/ergonomic mount interfaces with our Tab S2 SLEEV (8.0") or our Tab Active 2 SLEEV (7.5").

Features include ITW-Cobra Buckles on the main straps and DuraFlex buckles on the retainer strap and high grip surfaces on the underside of the mount with ToughTek No-Slip material.

  • Select 7.5 for the Tab Active 2 SLEEV
  • Select 8.0 for the Tab S2 8.0 SLEEV

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Compatibility Chart