General Info

Juggernaut.Case provides a 5% courtesy discount to a network of resellers who hold purchasing contracts for military, law enforcement and first responders. Further discounts may be available for established Juggernaut.Case resellers with a dedicated sales team who work to generate new opportunities for Juggernaut.Case product sales. Approval for this dealer of record pricing (DOR) is reviewed for each individual opportunity and is subject to the discretion of the Juggernaut.Case team, based on sufficient evidence provided.

Standard Discount Requirements

  • Submit a list of contracts held for government purchases (GSA, BPA, TLS, SEWP, FedMall, etc.)
  • New applicants must submit a completed Reseller Application and purchase a Juggernaut.Case Sales Kit at retail pricing

Dealer of Record Requirements

  • Must be existing authorized reseller
  • Must provide verified evidence of the opportunity generated by submission of DOR form (approval subject to Juggernaut.Case discretion, based on validity of info received.)

1. Reseller Application

2. Qualifying Sales Kit

3. DOR Terms/Form

4. Quote Request Form