Radio Dock, Direct Mount

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The Juggernaut Direct Mount Radio.Dock™ is a new product that is intended as a tactical radio 'pouch-replacement'. Based on input and feedback from the tactical radio user community, we designed this product to allow a tactical radio to be mounted directly to the users kit via the PALS/MOLLE webbing. It also allows the radios to run cooler by increasing the airflow around the radio without the need for a pouch (which insulates the radio and leads to overheating/shutdown). The Radio.Dock™ features a rugged Boa Technologies L6 reel closure system tied directly to a Dacron-Cord system for securing the radio into place. This allows the radio to hinge away from the mounting plate and allows access to the HMI (keypad/display) of the radio. This closure system also allows radios employing add-on mission-modules to be used in the holster. The attachment to the webbing is via the PPIP (Polymer PALS Interface Plate) (patent pending).

This mount works with the BDAT Wedge as well as radios that can be powered via the gold-dot or circular connector on the radio, therefore eliminating the need for the bottom battery.

Compatible radios:

  • AN/PRC-152(A) & 7800T
  • Wave Relay MPU4/MPU5 Handheld
  • TrellisWare TW400
  • Coastal Defense MVR6