Radio Dock, Power WEDGE

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The Juggernaut Power-WEDGE Radio.Dock™ is a new product that is intended as a tactical radio 'pouch-replacement' that also eliminates the 'bottom-battery'.  This Radio.Dock incorporates the BDAT Wedge battery eliminator and a 24 inch power cable terminating in a Glenair plug compatible with Inventus Power CWB's and the X590 battery adapter. Based on input and feedback from the tactical radio user community, we designed this product to allow a tactical radio to be mounted directly to the users kit via the PALS/MOLLE webbing. It also allows the radios to run cooler by increasing the airflow around the radio without the need for a pouch (which insulates the radio and leads to overheating/shutdown). The Radio.Dock™ features a rugged Boa Technologies L6 reel closure system tied directly to a Dacron-Cord system for securing the radio into place. This allows the radio to hinge away from the mounting plate and allows access to the HMI (keypad/display) of the radio. This closure system also allows radios employing add-on mission-modules to be used in the holster. The attachment to the webbing is via the PPIP (Polymer PALS Interface Plate) (patent pending). 

Compatible radios:

  • AN/PRC-152(A) & 7800T
  • Wave Relay MPU4/MPU5 Handheld
  • TrellisWare TW400
  • Coastal Defense MVR6