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Juggernaut.Case, NOTE 8

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  • Fits Samsung Note 8 (SM-N950U)
  • Fully sealed IP67 rated for dust/immersion
  • Built-in glass screen protector
  • 2M Drop Protection
  • Cable housing for use with optional QD (Quick Disconnect) cables
  • Compatible with X-LARGE (6) mounts

*This model was designed for mission sets that include the use of situation awareness apps and connectivity to tactical radios and hubs. Standard cell phone usage for voice calls or video playback is not common in these operational scenarios. Sound quality may be diminished with this model.

When Black is selected, part number changes.


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1 Review

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    Note 8 Juggernaut Case

    Posted by Kirk on Jun 16th 2018

    Please note for this review that I'm a civilian contractor in the construction trades, and that this review is made from that standpoint--I'm not jumping this case on a HALO nav board, or using it in any tactical role whatsoever. The Note 8 is already big, but you knew that. The Juggernaut case just makes it more of the same, but with the added benefit of it being essentially bombproof after you put your Note 8 into it. Nothing bad to say about the package, at all--I knew what I was getting into, going in. Just remember: Big. You do need to bear that size factor in mind, and that the speakers/mikes/sound are going to be somewhat muffled. That's the price you pay for full IP-67 sealing, though. Plan on acquiring and using a Bluetooth headset, if you don't already own one. The case works well with the Samsung Qi-standard wireless charger, and not so well with my Anker ones. Those don't quite line up with the case vertically or horizontally, but if you put the phone and case on them horizontally and raised about an inch, the charging bits line up, and it will charge. Making that happen is just a tad fussy--I've gone back to my Samsung charger base until I figure something else out. Only other problem I've run into is that the belt mount places the phone and case out far enough from your hip and body that every time I get into the driver's seat of a car, the resultant torque and pressure result in popping the phone out of the mount. I'm currently using the Nite-Ize XL belt case as a holster, with some added Velcro as a work-around until I find a decent bucket-type holster to fit the phone. I may have to go custom, given the size we're talking here. Once the belt clip is taken off the mount, the mount itself makes for a decent screen protector and place to stick the stylus. Overall, great product. I'm not a military user, but I needed a rugged case for use on jobsites as a contractor; this fills that bill admirably. I think I'd have to drop this setup off at least two stories onto concrete before I'd see damage. If you are a civilian user of this product, do bear in mind that IP-67 standards almost guarantee you will have to accept some muffling of speakers and microphones, and plan accordingly. As well, you may find that the belt mount won't be ideal for you, either--As provided from the factory, that mount sticks out significantly from your body when worn on a belt. For me, it just didn't work as a belt mount, and the case kept popping out every time I got into a driver's seat on a car or truck.

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