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IMPCT, iPhone 11 Pro Max Phone Case

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Gray color out of stock until mid-late September
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  • Fits iPhone 11 Pro Max – does not fit 11 or 11 Pro
  • Designed for devices that are already environmentally sealed
  • Same 2M Drop Protection as Juggernaut.Case & SLEEV with lower profile design
  • Top loading design with snap in top cover and removable bottom dust cap
  • Compatible with size LARGE (5.5) mounts


IMPCT Replacement Parts


*Not all commercial screen protectors will work in conjunction with the IMPCT. The added thickness can potentially cause the back foams of the case to degrade, or possibly tear the screen protector. We recommend installing your device first, then placing a screen protector on after. Once the device is installed, the device should not be removed unless the screen protector is removed first.

When color is selected, part number changes.


8 Reviews

  • 3

    Posted by Julyon Moton on Sep 14th 2021

    The case body is good. Fits perfectly. The bad: texture is too slick, so slick that it slides off of everything that has a slight grade. Some rubberized panels or edges could have alleviated this. The black snap cap the covers the top of the phone is brittle. So brittle that it snapped in half after the first drop from sliding off of our truck due to the slick case. The case itself handed the drops fine with slight deformations and permanent damage to the case but it did its job. Think this cat would be slightly better with a similar magpul type waffle grip, or grippier material to reduce sliding. About 90% of the case receiving fall damage was due to the case being too slick. 3/5. When mounter to the plate carrier its also gives off a glare or reflection. Some of my Guys just spray paint the case to flat colors to reduce the glare.

  • 5

    Posted by R. Jay Phelps on Aug 24th 2021

    Although this is a solid piece of equipment…as I have used 2 of them in the past…I actually ordered the wrong one this time and should have ordered for a 12 pro max…I guess I hit the wrong button

  • 3
    Juggernaught case

    Posted by Trent on Aug 5th 2021

    The case itself is very well built and does an excellent t job protecting the phone. The case does however restrict flipping the volume on/off button on the iPhone 11 because it sticks out too far. I had to insert a object each time I wanted to turn the volume on or off. The case is bigger than o thought making it harder to hold and harder to manage or place in a pocket.

  • 5
    Well made phone case

    Posted by Cameron Barnhart on Aug 4th 2021

    Works as designed too

  • 5
    Rock solid case

    Posted by Joe on Jun 5th 2021

    I’ve dropped my phone hundreds of times and although this is a bit on the bigger side, it is worth the extra size. Way more solid than the competitors like otter box. I’ve had them all.

  • 1
    Broke easily

    Posted by Rey Flores on Feb 20th 2021

    My phone fell off the bed on to tile and the black attachment to hold the phone in the case completely broke. I had the case for a total 10 minutes before it broke. I wouldn’t recommend. Juggernaut response: The case itself is subject to damage. The intention is to protect your device. Most breakage on a case within the first year is covered under warranty. You can contact us directly for a replacement for the top cap that broke.

  • 4
    Great case BUTT.....

    Posted by Bo on Jun 23rd 2020

    Love this case and company. Made in the USA is huge and they are always trying to innovate. However the ONLY negative thing about this case is the mute button access. I wish there was a small rubber piece that would allow me to switch it. As of now my finger won’t reach and I have to get a key or pen to put the phone on mute . Love the colors they offer and it’s a great case for its application. I have two colors and prob getting a third. Thanks J!

  • 5
    Great Case

    Posted by Jayson O'Keeffe on Jun 23rd 2020

    This is a really damn good case. I can only think of two things I have had an issue with. 1.) I use a phone with a screen protector that can sometimes catch on the lip when pulling it out. But all you have to do is pull the top a bit just enough to get the portion of the phone with the screen protector started. Just a bit of a pain at first. 2.) The top cover used to secure the phone can be a pain to get off. So for those of us not using it as a permanent case but for a particular purpose, a tool to help remove it without having to resort to blades or keys and whatnot would be nice. Last thing, there is no lense protection for the cameras, not that I expected it to be there, but depending on what you're doing with this phone assuming it's intended use. Something to protect the lenses from scratches or objects hitting it (not including bullets for frag since if that's your concern you've got bigger problems then lenses) All in all, a damn nice case that works perfectly with the armor mount. and keeps the phone sturdy in place. There's room for quality of life kind of improvements on another iteration, but otherwise, it's damn near perfect for what you would need it for.

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