Reseller Information

What are the requirements to become a reseller?

There are three steps to becoming a Juggernaut.Case reseller:

  1. Know the product (supporting material will be provided)
  2. Fill out the customer profile questionnaire
  3. Complete a purchase (options below)     
  • sales kit comprised of products appropriate for your target audience, OR 
  • a stocking order of $1,000 minimum

As a COTS (commercial off the shelf) product, Juggernaut.Case items are available for anyone to purchase, but sometimes government funding requires the use of a particular contract vehicle. These pass-through opportunities will be quoted at standard retail pricing. Reseller discounts are reserved for resellers who are interested in actively representing Juggernaut.Case products.

What is your reseller discount?

We believe in transparency and a fair market competition. Our standard partner discount is 5% off MSRP for domestic resellers, and 10% for international. The extra discount for international is intended to offset the additional costs associated with importing US products. (For an opportunity to qualify as international, the company and end user must be outside the US)

Yes, we know that our standard discounts are less than some other manufacturers. Here’s why:

  1. Our original business model/pricing is set up for direct government purchases
  2. We do not penalize the end user by hiking up our retail margins to accommodate for reseller margins

Do you have a dealer of record program?

We do not have a dealer of record program. As a small business, we simply don’t have the infrastructure to manage one. Our sales team consists of one inside sales representative and our military/DoD liaison who does extensive travel to conferences and to on-site training missions with end users. Historically, the majority of the contracts we receive stem from those demos.

 Do you offer exclusivity?

No. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. As a COTS product, anyone can purchase. Our webstore allows orders to be processed for any non-restricted country. As mentioned previously, we do not have the infrastructure to restrict purchases from any particular region.
  2. Juggernaut.Case products are often offered as one piece of an overall integrated solution. EUD’s, radios, hubs and software are some other components that can encompass the larger requirement. When responding to a bid or tender, different resellers or integrators may include Juggernaut.Case products with various competing configurations. Restricting our availability may result in an inferior product being awarded because it was paired with the winning configuration.

Are additional discounts available?

Yes. On occasion, we build relationships with resellers who become true ambassadors of Juggernaut.Case through their commitment to representation of the products. These are the guys who, (like our military/DoD liaison), are on-site with the end users. They are out on training ops and doing HAHO jumps along side the units, with their own Juggernaut.Case products. They collect feedback and influence requirements from a grass roots level.

So, what is the advantage?

If you can’t get exclusive protections on huge margins, then what’s the point? The point is the ability to offer end users a quality product that meets their mission requirements. The benefit is integrating Juggernaut.Case with various products that are part of your existing arsenal. The result is being a trusted source for an overall ruggedized solution that meets the configuration needs of your customer.

Ready to become a reseller?

First you'll need to create a user account, or sign in with an existing one. Once that's done, you'll have access to the Reseller Documents link that will appear at the top of this page. There you'll find the reseller application and additional links to supporting material to familiarize you with Juggernaut.Case products. Once you’ve reviewed all the links and completed the form, please Contact Us. At that point you’ll be contacted by customer service to discuss your opening order and any quote requests.