Juggernaut.Case, NOTE 5

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This fully-sealed case (IP-67) is designed for the SM-N920C Samsung GALAXY Note 5 smartdevice.  This case is the similar to the design of the Note4 Juggernaut.Case™ that was fielded by special forces and incorporates many features and design revisions based upon their feedback from downrange.  Upgraded materials, a new single piece main housing, new connector module design, and an optically clear front facing camera lens are some of the upgrades incorporated in this Case/Mount version.

*This model was designed for mission sets that include the use of situation awareness apps and connectivity to tactical radios and hubs. Standard cell phone usage for voice calls or video playback is not common in these operational scenarios. Sound quality may be diminished with this model.

When a cable and/or mount is configured with the case within an order, it will ship as an assembled kit and not as separate items.

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