iPhone in Juggernaut.Case™ IMPCT™ Survives Being Driven Over by Truck

iPhone in Juggernaut.Case™ IMPCT™ Survives Being Driven Over by Truck

Posted by Jen Ulm on May 11th 2018

Phones and beer - the two objects most commonly plagued by that mysterious black hole in your house. You set them down and forget within five minutes where you put them. We've all done it. Some of us, (we'll just call him GS), may have even put his phone inside the wheel well of his truck while washing cars one weekend. 

Here at Juggernaut.Case™, we test the IMPCT™case to a 2M drop. GS inadvertently took it a step further by matching up his iPhone 8 IMPCT™ against a Chevy pickup truck. And although we do not recommend it, the results were pretty impressive. Check out the pics he sent us, along with his email below. 

"Hello again,

This time I am reaching out to your company to inform you that I am an extremely satisfied customer. Not only was your customer service friendly, fast, and fair, but your products really are tough as nails.

On 5/6/18 while washing vehicles in my driveway, I was playing music from my phone and had set it down inside the wheel well on top of the tire on of my girlfriend's 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. I had forgotten where I had placed my phone and when she went to leave she accidentally drove over it. Fortunately my IMPCT case saved my phone and only bears minimal damage from the incident. Attached are some photos of the case after this accident occurred. Thank you again for making great products." - GS

Again, we don't recommend trying this at home! 

But in case you were curious the current score is: Chevy = 0 vs. IMPCT = 1