BUMPR, iPhone 7 (6 & 6S)

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BUMPR, iPhone 7 (6 & 6S)

This Non-Cabled BUMPR case is designed for the Apple iPhone 7 smartdevice.  This case is the new BUMPR ("Bumper") version of the Juggernaut.Case™ that omits the glass screen protector and simply snaps/screws together for a smaller form-factor case design for already IP68 devices. This new BUMPR is also compatible with all 5-series Mounts and Accessories and features sealed dust/rain caps for the Lightning connector. 

This BUMPR is also compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6S  and includes the 3.5mm audio jack dust cap for these devices. (Please note that the BUMPR product does not seal against immersion and will not protect the iPhone 6 /6S against water intrusion)

When a cable and/or mount is configured with the case within an order, it will ship as an assembled kit and not as separate items.