Cable, Intergration, SIR

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Specialized cable for connecting an L3 SIR (TACROVER 2.0 or 2.5) to the Juggernaut.Case and an external battery.  Config-C Compliant Male-Female 6-pin cable to connect various radios/devices up to the Juggernaut.Case.  Inline 5V regulation and Ethernet-USB converter for displaying video feed from SIR TACROVER to the Juggernaut.Case running either KILLSWITCH or ATAK embedded viewer. Battery compatibility with: Li-80, Li-145, Palladium CWB 85Wh or 150Wh, and all 2590/5590 batteries when used in conjunction with JG.ADP.X590 Adapter.

*Cable Only (Case, Radio & Battery not included)

Cables are manufactured in the USA and are 100% electrically tested.

Supporting Documents: 

L3 SIR Cable Instructions